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TeachBar offers services to meet students' needs
Small Group Tutoring

Small Group Study boosts the academic confidence and competence of students in low teacher to student ratio groups. Tutoring support offered in all topics including math, writing, reading and science. Study time can be used for school-based homework or skill-building activities. Tutors have subject matter expertise and experience to move students forward in a small group setting.

Test Prep

TeachBar offers test prep at the middle school (HSPT, ISEE), High School (SAT, ACT) and adult levels (CSET, CBEST). Test prep classes are based on student’s desired achievement level and student’s development needs. Teachers do not follow scripts and have ongoing assessments to reaffirm a student’s progress. Classes are offered monthly.

Enrichment Classes

TeachBar wants to advance the skill sets of students. Skill classes are designed to provide students with enriching and refreshing material that helps them to broaden their horizons and gain a new appreciation for a topic. Skill classes are in academic, student life and other extended topics. Classes are scheduled monthly in an intimate environment so make sure to stay updated.

Home School Workspace

TeachBar will offer a collaborative coworking space for homeschoolers. The space will provide the resources for individualized learning that allows home school teachers to effectively work with their children. Families can form synergistic relationships to strengthen their support net. Further, a TeachBar tutor /facilitator is present to provide assistance with difficult topics.

About TeachBar

TeachBar has served Berkeley, Castro Valley, Oakland, Hayward, and San Leandro students and schools since 2009
Accessible, Affordable and Appealing Services

TeachBar is a place to learn where students, parents, and other community members meet, exchange ideas, and discover new insights. TeachBar targets students and life long learners beginning in third grade. While TeachBar mostly offers support in academics, it also organizes workshops and seminars that benefit its community members. TeachBar is one big classroom. The company develops elementary, middle and high school programs in-house. The staff consists of experienced and well-trained tutors and teachers that have commitment and passion to their subject matter expertise and student success. The students and staff develop a mutual confidence and trust in one another. This is how TeachBar reaches its primary objective: to help students increase their competence and confidence en route to their goals.

  • Tutoring

    Supporting students where they need it

  • Test Prep

    Helping students show what they know

  • Workspace

    Providing space for students to engage

  • Enrichment

    Offering classes to enhance student's skills


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